Custom order your e-learning courses.

Amaze your students with modern design elearning templates that are fun and easy to use.
SaviClass e-learning templates will save you lots of hours and will make your courses look super professional.

Pre-order your e-learning courses from our templates, games, personal characters and save lots of time on lesson creation and content development.
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Choose from hundreds of course layouts, themes, colours, games, quizzes and test examples to create the perfect project content for your school, language centre, online classes or business training needs.

E-learning templates for all your needs !

Course Templates

All Course template sets have a modern design and pre-built interactivity.

Gaming Templates

Popular e-learning game templates like multiple choice, drag and drop, branching, etc.

Character Sets

A wide variety of characters to make your courses unique to your teaching style.

Course Template Library

Use our amazing library to plan and create your custom content. Start with a great introduction page and continue with fun , interactive informative/learning page layouts, using character sets and gamification. Then move on to gaming and quiz style knowledge check exercises that will keep the students engaged, entertained and achieve all the lesson goals !!

What happens when you sign up ?

Course Content

Get access to a library full of interactive elearning templates, games and characters to choose from.

Pre - Order a Course

Plan your course, setup a developer meeting to finalize and order precise project content.

Develop and Delivery

Our design team create and delivers your awesome project on time and ready for use.

Cost of Creating an e- learning course

Costs according to the processes involved are as follows:

Technical documentation- 42- 50 hours (average cost of $850 to $1800) UI and UX design –70-80 hours (average cost $1,200 to $2,700) Front and Back-end development –450 hours (average cost of $8000- $18,000)

How long does it take to create 1 hour of eLearning?
An average 1-hour interactive elearning course will take 197 hours to develop. But development of a 1-hour elearning course can range between 49 hours for the low end of the range of a “basic” course to 716 hours for the high end of the range of an “advanced” course.

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Single Site

$ 39
  • Single Site License
  • One Year Updates & Support
  • 30% Renewal Discount
  • Money Back Guarantee
Suitable for website owners and web masters who manage single website.


$ 79
  • Unlimited Sites License
  • One Year Updates & Support
  • 30% Renewal Discount
  • Money Back Guarantee
Suitable for agencies and developers who manage many websites.


$ 199
  • Unlimited Sites License
  • Lifetime Updates & Support
  • One Time Payment
  • Money Back Guarantee
A peace of mind solution, buy once and get lifetime updates and support.
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